There have been many Hollywood names that are forever linked, Tracy and Hepburn, Fred and Ginger, Gable and Lombard, Bogey and Bacall. But none ever captured the tireless energy and creativity of Mickey and Judy.
In 1939 legendary Metro-Goldwyn Mayer producer, Arthur Freed, put them together for the film, "Babes in Arms". The magic was unmistakable. They would go on to make "Strike Up The Band", "Babes on Broadway" and "Girl Crazy". Those films will be forever remembered for their "can do" attitude of "Let's put on a show!" Their last film together was the biography of Lorenz Hart, "Words and Music". They recreated the magic one last time in 1961 on the first episode of "The Judy Garland Show"
This quote from Arthur Freed best captures the uniqueness of Mickey and Judy with his song "Our Love Affair “from the film "Strike up the Band":
"Here we are, Two very bewildered people. Here we are Two babes that are lost in the wood. We're not quite certain what has happened to us, This lovely thing that's so marvelous. But right from here the future looks awfully good."


“Boys Town” remains one of film history’s American classics. The story of Father Edward J. Flanagan and his mission to help children launched Mickey into a new level in his career. Spencer Tracy’s performance won him the Academy Award and Mickey was presented a special “Oscar” for his portrayals in Boys Town and the Andy Hardy movies that year.
The movie also helped bring recognition and support from thousands across the country and around the world to Father Flanagan’s mission. Now known as Girls and Boys Town, the world-famous child-care organization is celebrating its 90th year December 12, with programs in 15 states and the District of Columbia, providing direct care to more than 47,000 children annually.
Mickey is a life-long supporter. In September, he plans to make a pilgrimage to Father Flanagan’s hometown of Ballymoe, Ireland, to help celebrate the 90thAnniversary and to launch the 70thanniversary of the film with Girls and Boys Town’s National Executive Director Father Steven Boes.
In 2003, Mickey was named “Mayor for Life” outside the building where his character, Whitey Marsh, was elected Mayor in the 1938 film. A plaque now adorns the building which reads:
"In this building during the 1938 filming of the Oscar winning movie "Boys Town" the Citizens of Boys Town elected Whitey Marsh, portrayed by Mickey Rooney, Mayor of Boys Town.
In the 65th Anniversary Year of the premier of the movie "Boys Town" and in recognition of its worldwide impact the Citizens and Alumni or Boys Town bestow upon our good friend, Mr. Mickey Rooney, the title of Honorary Mayor for Life."
Congratulations to “Mayor” Mickey Rooney and Jan from all the kids at the Village of Boys Town. We wish you great success with your show and thank you for representing Boys Town so well in your ambassadorial role for our Village. By carrying the title of Mayor so honorably you do honor to every citizen of the Village of Boys Town.
Let the children of America know there is a place that is safe, where they can get better, and where they can be loved – that place is Girls and Boys Town in the Village of Boys Town, Nebraska.


The Andy Hardy series of films from MGM is said to be the most successful and most popular series of films ever made in the US, beginning with A “Family Affair” in 1937, and ending with “Andy Hardy Comes Home” in 1958. The first film, “A Family Affair” wasn't intended to be the beginning of a series, but it proved so popular that it, in fact, launched the series. The last film, “Andy Hardy Comes Home” was a sort of reunion.
In this first film, however, Lionel Barrymore played Judge Hardy. The film was a box-office success, so it was sequeled with “You're Only Young Once”, wherein Judge Hardy was played by Lewis Stone and Mrs. Hardy was played by Fay Holden. Only Mickey Rooney, Cecilia Parker and Sara Haden made it to the second episode. Ann Rutherford replaced Margaret Marquis as Polly Benedict (Andy's girlfriend) .
“Love Finds Andy Hardy” was, in many ways, the true beginning of the series. The formula was established with this episode, and would remain virtually unchanged through 1946. This episode is often cited today as the best of the series. Judy Garland and Lana Turner were guests on this episode, adding another dimension to the film.
On August 15, 1941, a ceremony was held at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, where the series and principal cast members were presented with a plaque, reading "I, Mayor Fletcher Bowron, on behalf of the citizens of this community, do hereby proclaim the family of Judge James K. Hardy, the first family of Hollywood." The plaque was affixed to a wall at the theater. A special Academy Award was bestowed upon the series in 1943 "for it's achievement in representing the American way of life in the production of the 'Andy Hardy' series of films."


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